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Our main activity is importing and processing stockfish. Stockfish is dried cod, the fish (mostly) being caught in Norway. Stockfish is unsalted, and so contains no added substances.
Most of this fish is pounded (beaten) and sold to wholesalers and retailers. The pounding of the (hard) stockfish makes the fish more pliable and reduces the time required for soaking. The stockfish is ready for use after only 24-36 hours soaking.
Another type of processing is to soak the stockfish using a special procedure which takes at least two weeks. This soaked stockfish can then be supplied fresh (during the winter) or packaged frozen.


Salted Fish

An old culinary custom in Brabant and Zeeland is: New harvest, "potatoes with salted fish". To answer this demand, we have added our own salted fish to our range of products - available in bulk or in individual consumer packaging.


Another product in our range is bacalao. This is wet salted fish which is then dried. In the past this often took place on rocks and cliffs, but nowadays machines are used. The Portuguese are fond of bacalao, and there it is often called stockfish which has created some confusion about the differences between bacalao and stockfish.
Usually the bacalao is imported from Norway.
We supply bacalao in boxes of 25 kg and also in individual consumer packaging.

Stockfish for Dogs

In addition to stockfish for human consumption, we also sell stockfish for dogs. These are sawn into pieces which your dog can eat dry. For more information please click here.

Deep frozen

We also trade in consumer goods, mainly in the import and export of (deep frozen) fish products.

Packed pieces SOAKED STOCKFISH (frozen)

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