History of the Company

Herman Smit & Zoon BV has been a leading stockfish specialist for more than 175 years. As early as 1821, the family in Amsterdam was running a stockfish business. An existing trading company on the Brouwersgracht was taken over.

Initially the cargo trade with Scandinavia was mainly only stockfish. In 1919 an existing stockfish company in Rotterdam, dating from 1818 (Waterreus and de Waart) was taken over by the company Smit & Zoon in Amsterdam. The trade in stockfish from both Rotterdam and Amsterdam took place until well after the second world war.

In 1967 the Amsterdam branch was closed, and all trade transferred to Rotterdam where in 1968 the firm of Herman Smit & Zoon moved into new premises on the Schulpplein in Rotterdam-South. These are the premises where the business currently carries on the import/export trade in stockfish, as well as bacalao, pickled fish and a range of deep frozen products.

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Schulpplein 7, 3087 NA Rotterdam, Holland, tel. +31(0)10-429 53 39, fax. +31(0)10-429 53 32
E-mail: herman@smitstokvis.nl