Stockfish for dogs

Stockfish for your dog...for a healthy change

What is stockfish for dogs?
Stockfish for dogs is freshly caught fish which is dried in the open air by the Norwegian sun. Drying in the open air removes all the fluids from the fish. Only the valuable constituents remain, in concentrated form. The fish is now sawn into convenient pieces and made suitable for consumption. This high quality product is easily digestible and can be given as supplementary food or for a main meal.

Nutritious power food
Stockfish for dogs is extremely nutritious. 1kg of stockfish for dogs is equivalent to 5 kg of fresh fish. So for a main meal you feed your dog only 1/5th of the normal amount of fish or meat. Let your dog drink as much water as is required. It is also possible to complete the meal by providing some brown bread. This gives a good and healthy filling for the stomach without overloading it.

Your dog will lick his lips
Yes, your dog will find the stockfish to be delicious, and of course it is ideal for chewing... something that dogs naturally enjoy. Why not give your dog a piece of stockfish in the morning and in the evening as supplementary food. He will be grateful for it.

A shiny coat
After only a few days you will see the results. The pelt will be noticeably softer and smoother, your dog will be more lively and will beam vitality. Try it today.

Stockfish for dogs remains good to eat for a very long time provided it is kept cool and dry (for example in a closed container or tin).

Also for puppies
A good diet is particularly important for young dogs. After puppies are weaned they must get used to strong and healthy food. So give them a piece of stockfish for dogs regularly - and help them develop strong teeth.

Stockfish for dogs contains:
protein (71,3%), water (17,1%), fats (1,7%), salt (0,8 %), calcium (2,3%), phosphor (3,4%), iodine (1,2 mg per 100 gram), iron (2,7 mg per 100 gram), calories (340), vitamins (B complex).

Prices, including post (in the netherlands) and packaging (payment in advance):

approx. 1 kg:    26,50
approx. kg:    54,50
approx. 5 kg:    100,--
approx. 10 kg:    185.-
  • prices subject to alteration
  • these prices are valid only if the order is made using a post office giro transfer to giro 11293, stating name, address etc.

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